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Logo for AccelerateHerThe path to C-Suite cannot be traveled only by your skills to increase sales or what your educational background is. It is best traveled by your ability to lead teams, keep it together when things are falling apart and inspire those around you to take action and boost productivity.

How can you be that woman?

By tapping into the power of Emotional Intelligence to amplify your unique EQ strengths.

AccelerateHER  is designed to help women in corporate roles to identify and amplify their EQ strengths to maximize their career potential so that you become the Non-Negotiable Asset in the workplace

Together in this 4 week program, we will dive deep into the FOUR CORE DOMAINS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, identify your unique EQ strengths and articulate your very own success blueprint so you’re able to :

  • Develop an energizing, inspiring vision for your career
  • Take care of your teams and customers
  • And lead any organization to incredible growth


WEEK 1 – Self Awareness

  • Identifying your unique power and potential (the ways in which you most naturally think, feel and behave).
  • Bridging your most dominant & unique EQ strengths with performance for effective execution, positive influence, strong relationships and results driven strategic thinking at work place.
  • Crafting an “Action Plan” in alignment with your dominant EQ strengths to position you as a “MUST NEEDED” human capital in any company’s growth.

WEEK 2 – Self Management

  • Level up the positioning and messaging of your EQ strengths in everything you do, say or think.
  • Build up your “EQ Strengths Reality” so it actually works to keep you motivated with accountability measures.
  • Scale up your career with “Actions & Strategies” that will help you break your barriers, leap over your insecurities and amplify your innate potential.

WEEK 3 – Social Awareness

  • Connecting your EQ strengths to better understand others’ emotions , motives, desires and their environment to increase your ability to perform with excellence.
  • Crafting a simple methodology to develop you as a leader who inspires others to act and create daily measures of success so that you win consistently.
  • Goal-setting beyond work so you are seen by your peers and organization at large as a leader who provides each person an even chance to show his / her worth.

WEEK 4 – Social Management

  • Comprehending the power of your EQ strengths that will lead you to empower others to bring new ideas and perspectives that will propel the growth of any organization.
  • Articulating all four domains of Emotional Intelligence so that you will be trusted and appreciated for bringing a level of tolerance and acceptance of diversity at work place.
  • Empowering you with tools to use your unique EQ strengths for new people to connect, new rooms to work, new crowds to mingle in so that your career growth remains fiercely unstoppable.

This training will transform your own good into great and ramp up your career so that you stand out as the NON-NEGOTIABLE ASSET for any organization.