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Create Income, Impact & Influence by being MORE of who you are.

This 4 week course will help you understand that YOU are the most vital asset in your businesss and then TAP into the power of you to LIFT you above the NOISE and the COMPETITION, and get you NOTICED – For the RIGHT REASONS.


  • Magnetically call in your ideal client
  • Stand out from the rest
  • Become the Expert
  • Get your unique message heard.
  • Create deeper connection and trust
  • Grow your income and impact


Module 1

  • Identifying your Super Power
  • Creating your Personal Brand Blueprint

Module 2

  • Finding your Personal Style
  • Tapping into your Values & Beliefs
  • Tuning your Big Whys

Module 3

  • Finding your Personal Brand Voice
  • Your Powerful Story
  • Slogans and Signatures Phrases

Module 4

  • Creating your Personal Brand Capital
  • Your Website, Books, Products /Training & Visual Branding
  • Your Secret Sauce