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Podcast 2018 November 14

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Click Here to Listen our "WHY" is a perfect linkage between: passion for your work, and a commitment to bring a revolutionary change within the industry.  Do not confuse yourself with the driving forces to start your own business with what is of significance to you. WHAT IS NOT A "WHY"... It's not because you want more flexibility in your schedule. Its not because you want to be your own boss. And it's not because you want to spend more time with your family.

Podcast 2018 November 07

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Click Here to Listen MOTIVATION - SELF HELP - TRANSFORMATION - FINDING YOUR PURPOSE - BUSINESS & PERSONAL COACHING  EVERY WEDNESDAY IN NOVEMBER - Let Nyn Riffat of Nyn's Dreams help you navigate life's highway and give you the roadmap to FIND YOUR PASSION! If you’re committed to living a life of amplified aliveness in the year 2019 and beyond, then finally break through whatever is holding you back so you can make more money and more impact…tune in every Wednesday throughout November and let Nyn help you find your passion & expand your vision beyond what you think is possible – and then create [...]

NYN’S NAVIGATION – Find Your Passion – Wednesdays In November

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Click Here to Listen Welcome to our Wednesday Signature Series – NYN’S NAVIGATION with our Expert Contributor Nageen Riffat - aka - NYN.Every month Nyn will choose a different topic and each week she’ll give you specific steps, content, questions, homework, downloads, documents, etc, to help you navigate life’s highway and make your life awesome.

Podcast 2018 October 23

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Click Here to Listen BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP CONSULTANT AND COACH - NYN'S DREAMS - COMBINING BIZ & LIFE - NAGEEN RIFFATToday's world is different than even a few years ago, so your approach to business needs to be different too. Nageen combines consulting and coaching to include both Core Business and Mindfulness. She encourages her clients to treat their entire life as the organization that they are leading. Her lengthy and extensive corporate background with Fortune 500 companies, speaking engagements and featured articles provides the expertise to specialize in Start-Up to Scale-Up projects for small and mid-sized businesses. Your One-Stop [...]